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MuPegaso Online 99B!

99b clasico!
With different experience and style!

ExP10: No reset, No Item Shop
Exp: 25x Low Exp, No Item Shop
Exp: 150x Limited Resets, No Item Shop
Exp: 2000x High Exp, Item Shop: ON
Exp: 9999x For PVP Fans: Item Shop ON



PegasoMu Season 6 Episode 3!

Server will be opened 24. February 18.00 Server time!
Server is build on custom files, best antihack and great drop balance!

Experience: x5000
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 300

Reset: 400lvl 1kk*reset, stats stays!
New character Grow lancer! New maps skills!
New bloodangel items, maps, skills!
Epic quests, great loots from bosses, hunt bosses to eacn Coins!
Balanced PVP fro maximum stats!
PVE fun for each resets from 0-100!


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